Hundreds of signals corresponding to endogenous neurotransmitters, metabolites and amino acids are detected in a single MALDI-MSI experiment using Tag-ON product, FMP-10 as the reactive matrix. Some examples are shown as above. Data are acquired on rat brain tissue sections using MALDI FTICR–MS (SolariX 7 T 2ω, Bruker Daltonics) instrument with lateral resolution of 50 µm.

The mass resolution of MALDI ToF-MS is enough to map the distribution of certain neurotransmitters and metabolites after FMP-10 derivatization. Some examples are shown in this figure. Data are acquired in a single experiment from a 6-OHDA unilaterally lesioned rat brain tissue section using rapifleX MALDI TOF-MS instrument with lateral resolution of 150 µm.