Sample preparation protocol using Tag-ON products, FMP-8, FMP-9 and FMP-10

Note. Avoid using plastic reservoirs. Prepare all solutions in glass vials from powder as fresh as possible (just before spraying the solution)

HTX TM-Sprayer:

1. Weigh 10 mg of the FMP compound
2. Dissolve the compound in 5.5 ml of 70% ACN
3. Sonicate the solution for about 30 s
4. Fill in the 5 ml loop of the TM-Sprayer and apply the derivatizing matrix with the following parameters: flow rate 80 µl/min, spray nozzle temperature 90o C (lower the temperature if your sprayer puffs) , spray nozzle velocity 1100mm/min, number of passes 20 (all horizontal), track spacing 2mm, N2 gas pressure 6 psi.

Sunchrom Suncollect sprayer:

1. Weigh 5.5 mg FMP compound
2. Dissolve the compound in 3 ml of 70% ACN.
3. Sonicate the solution for about 30 s
4. Filter the matrix solution
5. Place the inlet tubing in the matrix vial and use the following parameters for matrix application: Flow rate 50 µl/min, number of layers 15, Z value 35 mm, line distance 1 mm, N2 gas pressure 2.5 psi, velocity 1100 mm/min, drying time 0 s, rotate by 90 degrees: Yes.

Sample is then ready to be analyzed by MS in positive ion mode without any incubation. m/z 555.2231 can be used as lock mass in case of using FMP-10.

Note: The following formula is used to calculate the matrix density on the slide. The above methods apply 1.2-1.3 µg/mm2 of reactive matrix. Please adopt your instrument parameters to get similar density if you use another type of matrix sprayer.       

Use the following table to calculate m/z values of your derivatized compounds.